Auto and Home insurance is a potential way to save hundreds of dollars. As a Banner Health employee you have access to discounted pricing while obtaining best-in-class coverage from two highly rated companies. Compare premiums and coverages to find the best choice for you.

Auto and Home Insurance Program Benefits

  •  Special group savings
  • Money-saving discounts
  • Convenient payment options, including payroll deduction
  • 24/7 claim reporting
  • Free quotes and coverage reviews

Click below for additional information from each carrier

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1-888-695-4640 1-800-GET-MET 8 (438-6388)

Premiums vary by company and can change from time to time. No matter how close you are to your policy expiration date or if you’ve looked before, we encourage you to shop your insurance to find out if you can get a better value. Call or click each of the companies above to shop.

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