captive insurance consultantsMany business leaders are now asking themselves if this is the right time to own a captive insurance company.  They have heard how successful captives have been in lowering premium costs, increasing coverage, accessing new insurers and controlling escalating health insurance costs.

Yet, owning and funding a captive still seems too costly for some businesses…enter group captives.

Group captives have come to the forefront to provide a solution that fits most budgets and provides the same benefits.

Spring captive experts John Cassell and Ryan Ralston recently presented an informative and helpful webinar on Group Captives. This session covers the basics of Group Captives and gives two case studies of innovative Group Captive solutions that Spring has developed for our clients.

Key Webinar Takeaways:

  • -What is a group captive?
  • -When do group captives make sense / not make sense?
  • -How do you put a group captive together? What does it take?
  • -What are the benefits and drawbacks of group captives?
  • -Case studies – showing how group captives work in real life.

To view a recording of the recently-held webinar or for more information about Group Captives, please fill out the form below.

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