An Employer’s Guide to Critical ACA Implementation Dates (Infographic)

ACA Implementation DatesLet’s face it; there is a bunch of confusion out there regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Employers and employees are still largely unfamiliar with some of the many aspects of this industry-changing piece of legislation.

ACA implementation has already begun, will ramp up on October 1st when health insurance exchange open enrollment begins (for coverage beginning 1/1/14) and the bulk of the provisions go into effect on 1/1/14 (Tweet this).

As a trusted employee benefits advisor to a number of employers, we wanted to create something that helps eliminate a bit of the ACA-related confusion. The result is this handy infographic that illustrates the many critical ACA implementation dates.

We made it easy to use this graphic and/or download a copy of it for your employees. To add this graphic to your website, just copy/paste the embed code directly below the contact form onto your site.

To download a pdf copy, please fill out the brief form at the bottom of this page, click on “submit” and a download link will appear.

We hope you find this graphic helpful!

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ACA Implementation Dates Graphic

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