Our client work does not occur in silos – we recognize that sophisticated organizations demand a fully integrated approach to solving their challenges. Our clients represent a diverse group of industries and come to us from all over the globe. Below are a few case studies of our work. They illustrate the value created, problem solving and innovative solutions implemented to meet and satisfy the needs of our clients.

  • Making Better Healthcare Decisions Through Claims Repricing – Spring saved one client 10% of claim costs in one state by conducting a claims repricing analysis that identified carrier competitiveness.
  • Enhancing a Health Care Captive – A non-profit multi-state health system with 35,000 employees wanted to enhance their existing captive to generate cost savings on employee benefits, improve operational performance, increase cash flow and improve employee participation.
  • Re-domestication of a Captive – A multi-national manufacturing company with 8,800 employees had a Bermuda captive and wanted to evaluate writing employee benefits, specifically life and disability, including multi-national pooling of benefits through their captive.
  • Generating Benefit Savings – A health care organization with 10,000 employees wanted to implement captive funding for some of their employee benefits without too much change or impact on their current processes.
  • Funding Retiree Medical and Other Benefit Liabilities – A group of utility companies wanted to evaluate options for funding employee benefits liabilities, retiree medical, and pensions.
  • Innovation in Health Insurance Cost Management for Educational Institutions – Goal: to design an efficient and effective stop loss funding vehicle for a higher education consortium already in collaboration for other joint purchasing and educational initiatives.
  • Funding Feasibility Study Saves National Electric Utility Millions in Life Insurance Premiums – Spring was contacted by a large, national electric utility that was facing a massive increase in their life insurance renewal rates. Their employee benefits, risk and finance groups challenged Spring to find an alternative solution that would take some of the sting out of their renewal.
  • Captive Refeasibility Study for Fortune 500 Organization – Spring was requested to undertake a captive refeasibility study for an U.S. based multinational manufacturer of appliances with over 75,000 employees and annual sales of over $20 billion. The organization had multiple captives and wanted to undertake the study to optimize the use of its captives and capital.