We wanted to pass along information about an upcoming event being co-sponsored by our friends at the Mayo Clinic.

On October 2-3 in Duluth, MN, the organization Impairment Without Disability will be holding their 7th annual conference.

Impairment Without Disability is a collaborative organization dedicated to the health, function, and well-being (ability) of all individuals who have, or who have experienced, potentially disabling impairments. Its unique scope is to bring together thought leaders and industrial and academic experts to help promote individual wellness and function through and after having suffered impairing injury or illness.

The goal of the conference is straightforward: design and create a venue and foster an educational environment in which all stakeholders in the disability process can come together to learn and share their common knowledge, experiences and goals and work together to improve and eliminate unnecessary disability.

The event organizers have a stellar faculty of experts presenting on a variety of topics. This years’ conference will have special emphasis on education and discussion regarding the opiate crisis on our medical practices, places of employment and our communities.  Opiate medications are known to be associated with poor outcome from injury, addiction and death.  There may be no more pressing crisis that needs to be addressed to improve disability outcomes for any given disorder.

For registration and more information, please visit www.impairmentwithoutdisability.com.