Helping You Rebuild Better

COVID-19 Benefits Risk HRAs COVID-19 continues to put global society to the test, no organization or individual is the same as it was pre-pandemic. We have started to see some light at the end of the tunnel, but as you can see above, various hurdles remain for employers as they work toward their new normal. By taking shortcuts, the runner (that’s you, in the middle) would not arrive at a workplace that is truly Rebuilt Better and prepared for the future. This educational series is meant to guide you across these hurdles by providing tips, compliance advice, educated predictions for future market trends and shifts, and walking you through example scenarios. In some ways you’ve been given a clean slate, so throw on your metaphorical sneakers and let’s get to it!

Please note: we’ve labeled the segments as “chapters” below, but after the series intro, we encourage you to view them in which ever order makes sense for you. We know there is no set start and finish as an employer during this time, and your unique priorities might dictate how you prefer to listen along. 

 Start Below – Prologue: Series Intro   

Chapter 1: Risk Evaluation and Liability

Chapter 2: Returning to and Staying at Work

Chapter 3: Your Shifting Workforce

Chapter 4: Disability and Absence Management

Chapter 5: The Future of Healthcare

Chapter 6: Financial Benefits and Recovery