RIMS conferenceBy: Ryan Ralston

It was like deja vu all over again.  The Risk Management Society (RIMS) conference continues its success in bringing together both risk managers and service providers to a single location for training, exchange of ideas, problem solve…and to show off a little.

Last month’s RIMS conference was probably my 11th or 12th.  What was new for me this time was switching from the risk manager side (23+ years as a risk manager) to the service provider side (Spring).  I’m the same guy;  Same approach to risk management; Same technical knowledge and experience;  I just now no longer have control over a multimillion dollar risk management budget and so… I am no longer a “rock star”.

RIMS Conference

and I always just thought it was my magnetic personality….

Still, RIMS puts on a great show.  The buzz this year was that business is back and there is plenty of opportunity for new solutions to old risk management problems.  Problems that are decades old, but have not been addressed by most risk managers, either because they have not been on the radar before, or there has been bigger fish to fry.

In my prior life, I would speak to us risk managers at RIMS, and MAPI and other venues, to challenge us to look beyond traditional insurable risks and explore business risks that need our attention just as much.

Fortunately, some are already addressing these risks, and my conversations with many risk managers at RIMS confirmed others will soon follow.  Supply chain risk, business decision frameworks, enterprise risk management and employee benefits are all finally getting proper attention as leading practitioners find ways to solve these business issues by applying our risk management trade to new areas within our business.

No matter which side of risk management you work on, RIMS brings quality people together with quality ideas and good things happen.  If you came away from RIMS saying “we need to think about doing that”, I would encourage you to make time to think about it sooner than later.  If you can’t find time, contact me and let Spring think about it for you.  As has likely been said before, there is no shortage of good ideas, there is just a shortage of good people willing to work for free to implement them.

Image Credit: katerha