Self-fund employee health

With nearly one fifth of the US economy tied to health care, costs will continue to be a critical topic of concern for the economy. US businesses face competitive challenges in a global market, as a burgeoning portion of operating expenses are siphoned away to cover employee health care costs.

Employers that take action now can achieve savings over time through self-funding employee health insurance. Ignore this opportunity and you will be subject to increased health insurance costs.

In advance of our soon-to-be-released white paper on self-insurance, here is an infographic that highlights the top ten reasons employers should consider self-funding. You will have to wait for the white paper for descriptions of each of these 10 reasons.

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Self Fund employee health care

For further information on self-funding or the advantages of alternative benefit funding solutions, please contact Gary Gustafson at Spring Consulting Group; or 617-589-0930 x124.

Image credit: iabusa via flickr