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Bloom Insurance Cell Captive Company

Bloom Insurance Company is Spring Consulting Group’s innovative Delaware-based cell captive product. Bloom offers businesses and groups an easy-entry into captive risk funding along with a number of valuable add-on benefits. Essentially, our members enjoy all the benefits of having a captive funding solution without the headaches of having to set one up.

What is a Cell Captive Company?

A cell captive company is a legal entity that is divided up into individual cells that are rented out to companies or groups who want to form a captive to fund various risks. There are a number of benefits to insuring your risk using a cell captive company:

  • Easy Entry into a Captive: Save part of the administrative time and money that you would typically spend to set up a captive since the shell entity has already been set up for you. Cell captives also have a team of pre-selected lawyers, accountants and actuaries available to help you get your cell off the ground and stay in compliance.
  • Economies of Scale: With a cell captive, you enjoy continued administrative savings due to economies of scale from the pooled administrative costs.
  • Professional Captive Management: As an owner of a cell in a larger captive, you will enjoy day-to-day management services from some of the industry’s leading captive managers who are managed by the owners of the captive.

Cell Captive StructureWhat Makes Bloom Unique?

  • Access to the Garden Vendor Marketplace: Cell owners in Bloom also have direct access to Garden, another innovative Spring product. Garden offers a robust marketplace for best-in-class employee benefit vendors for everything from time & absence management to voluntary group benefits all at below-market rates.
  • Human Capital Management System: Bloom members can also add on our industry-leading human capital management system module which brings their HR and Benefits tasks into the digital age, managing and automating your onboarding, time tracking, payroll, benefits and compliance functions through use of an intuitive, integrated, cloud-based program.
  • Access to the Spring Team: Spring has decades of captive experience, having designed and implemented some of the most innovative captive funding solutions for companies of all sizes from Fortune 100 to small business groups. Bloom members have direct access to our award-winning team of captive consultants, underwriters, actuaries and employee benefit consultants.

Ready to explore alternative funding solutions and determine if a captive is right for your business? Just fill out the form below and a member of our captive consulting team will be in touch shortly.

Please note: This is not an offer of insurance. It is meant for discussion purposes only.

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