Spring provides senior insurance plans including Supplements, Medigaps and Medicare Advantage plans for individuals, their spouses and employee who are age 65+ and have Medicare Parts A & B.

Supplement Plans:

  • Senior’s Choice Group Retiree medical insurance program reduces out-of-pocket costs by covering medical expenses approved by but not paid for by Medicare. Senior’s Choice offers core benefits with the ability to customize your plan by selecting additional benefits and/or deductibles to suit your individuals needs. There are also three levels of Part D prescription coverage that can be added to create a comprehensive package. The Premier drug option is one of the few available with complete coverage in the “coverage gap” and now the Medco Medicare Prescription Plan can be offered as a standalone Part D Group Rx program and no other plan purchase is necessary.
  • Monumental (Senior Supplemental) is an association based insurance plan which operates as a supplement to Medicare Parts A & B. With no network requirements, you are free to see the physicians and facilities of your choice., provided that they participate in the Medicare program. The product is custom written for Dental, Optometric and Podiatric professions, their spouses and employees. With freedom choice and aggressive pricing, this is an excellent choice for seniors.
  • Harvard Pilgrim Health Care offers two supplemental plans – The HP Supplement Core and Supplement 1. These plans combine benefit rich plan designs and freedom of choice provider structures while being competitively priced.
  • AND MORE including offerings from Fallon, Tufts, BCBS, Humana, United/AARP and others.

Part D Prescription Drug Plans:

  • Humana Prescription Drug Plans (Part D)
    • PDP Walmart Preferred – a budget-friendly option for those who don’t use a lot of prescription drugs. The plan provides the minimum prescription drug coverage required by Medicare. When using your local Walmart pharmacy and once you meet your deductible, you pay nothing for Tier 1 and Tier 2 generics when filled by Humana’s preferred mail order pharmacy.
    • PDP Enhanced – with moderate premiums and modest out-of-pocket costs, this plan is priced to save you money. The plan has no annual deductible, predictable copayments and an extensive formulary.
    • PDP Preferred – provides extensive prescription drug including coverage for preferred generics during the “coverage gap”, so members have greater protection from out-of-pocket costs.
  • AARP/Medicare Rx Plans
    • MedicareRx Saver Plus – offers copayments as low as $2 at one the many contracted pharmacies in their Preferred Retail Pharmacy Network and is combined with a low monthly premium.
    • MedicareRx Preferred – is a robust drug plan with no deductible with a modest cost point.
    • Medicare Rx Enhanced  – provides extensive coverage and an expansive prescription drug list.

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