Just 10% of disability claims account for more than 50% of total medical costs*.

Employers and CFOs understand that the cost of an absence stretches beyond replacing wages to leaving work undone and missing deadlines; ultimately having an overall affect on productivity and opportunity costs. Employers will benefit greatly by taking measures to examine the business impact of their health plan and integrate it with their disability and absence management programs.

Employers who integrate health and productivity have benefited from:

  • Reduced costs and lost time
  • Increase in employee satisfaction
  • Decrease in workers’ compensation, disability and absence rates
  • Improvement in productivity

Spring is a recognized leader on program integration; our team of experts has been at the forefront of health and productivity innovation. Spring consultants hold leadership positions with industry organizations to include the Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC), where our consultants played an instrumental role in developing and editing content for publications such as DMEC’s Tools of the Trade and the Return to Work Program Manual.

Our team doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to health and productivity. We also recognize and embrace that workforce needs change over time as do available tools, technology and regulations governing our work. Because of this, Spring conducts the industry’s only Vendor Benchmarking Survey on an annual basis to gauge trends, practices and marketplace perceptions. We also conduct a unique Employer Survey that allows us to “test” integrated concepts with the prime stakeholders of the industry’s programs.

Our health and productivity management solutions encompass the following programs:

Health and Productivity Management

Working With Spring:

By working with Spring you not only gain access to the most current thinking in Health and Productivity Management but also access to:

  • Spring’s Proprietary and Best Practice Scorecard
  • Spring’s Leading Industry and Market Surveys
  • Spring’s Market Contacts and Unique Perspective
  • DMEC Membership and Access to Tools
  • IBI Benchmarking and Access to Reports

More information on these individual services can be found in the links below. Please use the form on this page to contact us to speak to a member of our Health and Productivity Team.


*Impact of Integrating Health & Disability Data – IBI Research Summary; Integrated Benefits Institute, August 2006