An essential component to managing your workforce, employers want their employees to return to work healthy and productive. Without proper integrated disability & absence management guidelines in place, many workers are left without appropriate direction or incentives to return to work.

Spring works with employers to align short-term disability (STD)long-term disability (LTD), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), workers’ compensation (WC), ADA, other leave of absence (LOA) and time away from work policies to ensure a streamlined process from both an administrative and employee perspective. Our insight into the industry’s best practices allows us to assess your current plan design and process in place and offer improvements to increase the effectiveness of your overall disability management model.

The Benefits of Integrated Disability and Absence Management

When done right, absence management can:

  • Reduce direct costs of specific programs and indirect costs of others they affect
  • Facilitate efficient administration
  • Result in better record keeping, avoidance of lawsuits and the ability to plan for otherwise unknown or unscheduled absence
  • Improve overall workforce health
  • Attract and retain a competitive workforce
  • Increase productivity and support the business

Employers will benefit greatly by integrating disability, FMLA, LOA and workers’ compensation into one program. Our cross-functional knowledge of workforce planning gives us the experience necessary to work with your organization to move towards the ideal model for your business, whether it’s a thorough step-by-step process or a complete overhaul of multiple programs at once.

Health and Productivity Management


Working With Spring:

By working with Spring you not only gain access to the most current thinking in Disability and Absence Management but also access to:

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