ADA and ADAAA require employers to make reasonable accommodations where possible to enable an employee to perform the essential functions of their job.

Conscientious, employee-centric employers highly value their talent and understand that supporting an employees’ need for a modification to the workplace, schedule or adaptation to a workstation is good for the employee as well as for the company.

Our Health & Productivity consultants talk to employers daily and we hear their accommodation questions and witness the confusion. We simplify answers to questions asked by employers such as:

• What is the interactive process?
• What is a reasonable accommodation?
• What is undue hardship?

and provide tactics for implementing a compliant and effective accommodation program.

For many employers, developing policies, protocols and process for accommodating a disabled individual in compliance with ADA and ADAAA can seem overwhelming and confusing. In addition to having to master a new vocabulary and fully understand the statutes, an employer may not feel that they have adequate skilled staff or technology to determine, implement, document and evaluate appropriate reasonable accommodations.

However, as a practical matter, most employees with impairments often know what accommodations are needed to allow them to perform essential job functions and most accommodations are without cost or inexpensive. Thus, by appropriately establishing an accommodation program, policies and processes, an employer can both comply with the requirements of the ADA and ADAAA and demonstrate commitment to providing a productive and accessible workplace.

Our Health & Productivity Team is made up of a number of highly trained disability management professionals. We help employers wade through the murky waters of ADA and ADAAA accommodation and help them ensure that they are compliant and their workplace is a happy and productive one.

Contact us today to discuss how our award-winning team can help your business develop an efficient and productive accommodation program for your employees.