No matter how hard you strive to make your workplace safe, accidents happen. Accidents are a part of life and a part of business and as much as you try to protect your employees, you need to be sure your business is protected as well.

Spring offers workers’ compensation program design, funding solutions and strategy consultation. We work with employers to identify the best workers’ compensation offering to suit their business needs. We explore the various methods of funding workers’ compensation (fully-insured, self-funding, etc.) and create a funding plan that works best for you.

In concert with program design and funding, our consulting team will help you craft an effective implementation process. Our health and productivity team views workers’ compensation as a key component of a fully integrated disability management and/or total absence management program. Our goals in bringing all forms of workplace absence together in an integrated manner are to reduce cost, increase employee satisfaction, improve employee productivity and reduce absence.

Contact us today to discuss how our award-winning team can help your business select and implement the right Workers’ Compensation product for your employees.