Post-retirement benefits are challenging for an employer to fund and ultimately provide. While other benefits are similar to a salary in that they are paid to the employee as they provide their services, post-retirement benefits are intended to benefit the employee years or decades after the labor is provided. Some benefits like Defined Benefit Pension Plans mandate advanced funding, which requires the employer to manage assets in tune with a large liability. Other plans, like retiree welfare, do not require funding. However, without pre-funding retiree welfare benefits, the employer is only delaying payments that will ultimately come due.

Spring offers solutions to the unpredictability of obligations that are to be paid decades in the future. Our solutions allow employers to manage the unpredictable, while still keeping control of their assets and investments. We have significant experience in the retirement services arena including defined benefit, defined contribution, retiree medical, and executive plans. We provide customized solutions for each client situation and often provide independent advice where we are not the ongoing actuary.

Key Service Offerings:

  • Risk management
  • Census data remediation
  • Plan design
  • Employee communications
  • Retiree Medical programs
  • Financial wellness programs
  • Executive retirement plans
  • Workforce planning
  • Actuarial valuation audits
  • Vendor RFP development & fee benchmarking reviews
  • Benefit calculation audits
  • Funding strategies & captive solutions


Why Choose Us?

  • We have a highly experienced team of consultants and actuaries that specialize in the retirement arena that are often pulled into consulting projects to provide an objective and independent viewpoint.
  • We have significant experience working directly with senior HR and Finance teams, where we provide a unique consultative approach that focuses on communicating complex actuarial concepts into easy to understand information.

The Value of Our Services

  • Retirement plans require a significant focus on risk management and their impacts to financials. Opportunities to transfer some of your plan’s risk to a traditional insurance company or a captive can improve your overall plan management and cost.
  • High quality actuarial valuation results are very important as they affect your disclosed financials. We regularly help organizations with an independent check of these results as it is prudent to have a review completed by a second set of eyes.
  • Census data is key in any analysis performed by your actuary. As many plans today are freezing accruals and preparing for plan termination, data quality has become even more critical so that you can move forward with a variety of risk management options. We have a robust service offering that ensures your data is of the highest quality, without missing data elements. This may include on-site support to finalize data clean-up with actuarially trained resources.
  • Personalized communications are an effective way to increase the awareness and appreciation of your retirement plans. We use our extensive background in employee benefits and financial wellness programs to assist organizations in messaging the value of the benefits they offer.
  • The market for retirement actuarial services continues to be compressed regarding fees. We have significant experience in ensuring that the fees you pay your vendors are market competitive and that you are getting the best overall value.