enterprise risk managementSpring has a long history of working with enterprise risk managers to minimize the impact of risk to their bottom line. Just about every company faces a plethora of business risk over time. Our enterprise risk management services focus on addressing the following business risks:

  • Strategic Business Risks
  • Market/Business Environment Risks
  • Financial Performance Risks
  • Operational Risks
  • Compliance & Financial Reporting Risks

Some of our enterprise risk management services include:

  • Strategic Risk Management – We work with Risk Managers to help develop practical ways to embed risk management thinking within the organization through:
    • Facilitated ERM strategic meetings
    • Risk maps, risk register & risk pricing tools
    • In-house custom training programs
    • Business continuity planning
  • Captive utilization reviews and strategic planning sessions – We design-in the strategic goals of your self-insurance plans across P&C and Benefits.
  • Pricing Tools – Making data come alive by using innovative approaches to analyze and apply risk pricing tools
  • Select strategic partners – We can develop and guide you through the process of selecting insurers, brokers, claims administrators and service providers
  • Build the risk management department – We identify the strategic objectives and bring years of experience to the design of your organization.
  • Alternative Funding Solutions – We help develop your approaches to “sell” your risk into the market (vs. buying insurance)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Our risk management approach can significantly enhance the effectiveness of due diligence by changing the focus from reporting facts, to understanding the risk profile, giving input on the financial impact to the deal, and by integrating the risks in an effective way
  • Other ERM Services – Insurance program reviews; Limits analysis; Evaluation of self-insurance retentions; Broker selection & evaluation; Contractual risk management, etc.

Please contact us for more information about any of our enterprise risk management services.