employer surveysAll of our client work is backed by leading industry research with a great deal of it conducted by our in-house Spring research team.  Identifying current “best practices” and “best-in-class” future state organizations through benchmarking surveys illustrates one method of how Spring helps our clients meet current challenges and, more importantly, position clients for future growth and expanded market share.

Spring routinely designs and conducts surveys on the Integrated Disability, Absence and Health Management and also in the Voluntary marketplace. Many of them are consortium studies where major players in these services areas are represented, while others are sponsored by individual organization looking to make their mark on the industry.

Spring also facilitates ad hoc research and technical services based on specific client requirements.

Annual Leave Management Survey

Each year, Spring partners with the Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC) to understand employer challenges in managing all types of leaves, including Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), State Family and Medical Leaves, Military Leave (USERRA), State Military Leave, Jury Duty, Other State Mandated Leaves, Municipal/County Leaves, and Other Company Specific Leaves (e.g., Bereavement, Administrative, Personal Leaves). The survey results identified the strategies, tools and resources employers of all sizes and industries have utilized for success, and how they plan to evolve their programs into the future. To obtain a copy of this survey please visit www.dmec.org or contact us.

Annual Voluntary Pulse Series

Each year, Spring develops a comprehensive and strategic view of voluntary and worksite products, to serve as a basis for decision-making as this market continues to evolve. Our benchmarking analysis and recommendations covered an array of over 30 product options, including individual and group STD, LTD, Accident and Supplemental coverages, as well as important servicing, delivery and technology issues. This analysis is an invaluable resource for voluntary providers to navigate their way through evolving market trends, understand the competitive landscape and track how product models and delivery methods are changing. Voluntary Pulse is a tool to shape future provider strategy through fully informed analysis, consideration of competitive positioning, target marketing, model development and budgeting.

Bi-Annual Integrated Vendor Benchmarking Survey

The demand for integrated services has evolved as employers have progressed from requesting standard disability products, to requiring integrated disability and absence management solutions, to considering health and productivity coordination. In response to this demand, various market models have been developed by insurance companies, third-party administrators, and specialty service providers to meet changing and evolving market needs. This study is intended to provide selected providers of integrated products and services with reliable and product-specific information, as well as trend factors, to gain a true and complete picture of the competitive landscape. Through this survey, Spring has helped various and significant providers in the integrated disability, absence management and health management field compare their service offerings to the needs of the large employer marketplace. Our benchmarking analysis and recommendations across all types of absence – STD/SC, LTD, WC, FML, PTO, LOA – and also health and productivity initiatives, have allowed our clients to realign their products and services with the evolving needs of their target customers.

Ask Spring User Group

As providers of integrated products and services continue to expand their offerings, they need quick answers and market intelligence to support their product development efforts. The Ask Spring User Group is designed to do just that. Members can contact Spring for “just in time” consultative advice; to survey a panel of over 20 providers to gain their perspective; and to come together as an industry group to brainstorm relevant topics.

Bi-Annual Integrated Employer

This survey is used to identify and track employer priorities for integrated services, examine the progression beyond disability into leave administration and health management, continue to “test” some of the key concepts learned from Spring’s ongoing provider surveys and analyze existing integrated programs to better understand how programs can be structured according to employer size and program type. For employers that aren’t integrating, the purpose is to continue reviewing their familiarity with the concept and plans for pursuing integration over time. Each year, Spring surveys employers ranging in size from 500 lives to 10,000+ lives to determine their propensity for integrating a wide spectrum of employee benefits, absence and time off programs; degree of outsourcing to insurance companies, third party administrators or other specialty service firms; and achievements they have been able to make by implementing integrated programs.

Behavioral Risk Survey

Spring assists DMEC with analysis of this biennial survey, which tracks employer strategies, advancements, prevalence, and effectiveness in the area of Behavioral Risk Management.  The survey also provides trend data through comparison with previous years’ data.  To obtain a copy of this survey, please contact .

If you are interested in learning more about our surveys, please contact us.