Is your life insurance policy performing as it should? A life insurance policy review by our professional advisors can help you determine if your current policies are aligned with your goals. During the purchase of your life insurance policy, you probably made certain assumptions about your future needs, interest rates, planned premiums and other issues. But life constantly changes. The original reason for your purchase may still exist; however your needs may have changed, requiring more or less coverage.

Spring recommends that every few years you have an expert review your policy to ensure your coverage fits your current needs. Our advisors have the ability to perform a comprehensive review, discuss your existing policy in relation to you current goals and determine if your life insurance is on track and if not, we’ll identify the steps and items that need to happen to bring the policy up-to-date.

Having Spring review your life insurance policy may increase your death benefit, lower premiums, extend coverage duration, increase projected cash accumulation and ensures the financial strength of the carrier.

Please contact us for more information about our defined life insurance policy review services.