healthcare organization benefit consultantsWith their very unique and critical areas of risk and employee needs, healthcare organizations demand consultants that understand their world and have a track record of delivering the right solutions to similar organizations.

Spring is a safe and sound choice for healthcare organizations. We serve as strategic advisors to many of the country’s top healthcare organizations providing innovate, long term solutions. These solutions take into account not just the problems of today, but anticipate and plan for the challenges of tomorrow.

As a trusted advisor to hospitals and healthcare organizations, Spring understands the importance of attracting and retaining talented physicians and healthcare professionals. We recognize the physicians have invested both time and energy specializing in an area of medicine and have worked hard to provide their families with a commensurate level of income. As a result, we have the experience and ability to develop employee benefit programs that are competitive and cost-effective.

Some of the key areas we serve healthcare organizations include:

Here is a quick case study about a recent project we completed with a large, multi-state healthcare organization, in which our captive team helped the client identify employee benefit cost savings by setting up a captive to fund their life insurance coverage.

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