Is an Actuarial Analyst’s favorite hobby making spreadsheets? We had to find out, so we sat down with Alex.

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Title: Actuarial Analyst

Joined Spring in: August of 2016

At work: Alex plays a key role on our actuarial team, working on pricing, reserving and financial projections and analysis for client projects.

Outside-of-work: It turns out his spare time is not spent making spreadsheets. When not at the office, Alex enjoys reading, watching TV and/or movies and jogging.

Favorite season: Alex likes spring the best because it’s not too hot, and not too cold. It’s juuust right.

Favorite flower/plant: Bamboo.

Favorite food: Chinese. The authentic kind.

Favorite part about working at Spring: “The supportive, interactive and collaborative work environment.”

Currently jamming to: Jack Johnson & the like – mellow, acoustic music.


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Christine Culgin

Christine Culgin

Christine is Spring's Director of Marketing. She studied Spanish and Economics at Lafayette College and later went on to receive her master's degree in global marketing communications and advertising from Emerson College. Christine specializes in b2b marketing and handles content creation, email marketing, social media, blogging, SEO and event management here at Spring.