We hope you’ve been enjoying these glimpses into life at Spring and the people behind our work. Now it’s Christian’s turn!

Small Business

Title: Client Service Representative

Joined Spring in: August of 2016 as a full-time employee, but had been doing some part-time work for Spring for several years prior

At work: Christian is a licensed broker for health and life and is on the front lines when it comes to client services for Spring Insurance Group. He helps make sure all health plans are running smoothly, assists in developing human capital management systems for clients and also aids in some reporting.

Outside-of-work: Christian loves to play tennis and golf, and plays them as often as he can. He likes to get some fishing in too when time allows.

Favorite season: “Summer is my favorite season because I love outdoor activities and being able to spend days at the beach.”

Favorite flower: Sunflower

Favorite food: “There’s nothing better than a good steak.”

Favorite part about working at Spring: Christian likes the size of Spring and, most notable, the variety of work that goes on here. There are always different types of projects happening at once and he loves the exposure he gets to different departments and lines of business, while taking in all of the subtle nuances that each individual role plays in the larger picture.

What is one of your biggest pet peeves? “I get annoyed when people use poor grammar – especially when it comes to the incorrect use of ‘their’ vs. ‘there’ vs. ‘they’re’, and ‘two’, ‘too’ and ‘to’. Drives me nuts!” Watch out, Christian is ready to proof your next bit of writing.


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Christine Culgin

Christine Culgin

Christine is Spring's Director of Marketing. She studied Spanish and Economics at Lafayette College and later went on to receive her master's degree in global marketing communications and advertising from Emerson College. Christine specializes in b2b marketing and handles content creation, email marketing, social media, blogging, SEO and event management here at Spring.