employer benefitWith health insurance rates on the rise and the job market improving, employers are quickly finding it more difficult to recruit and retain good employees. Many businesses have placed their focus on making their workplace and benefits packages more inviting and appealing.  Unfortunately for them, according to a recent study, they aren’t doing enough.

Benefit provider Unum recently released the findings of an interesting survey which found that only 49% of those polled considered their company an excellent or very good place to work. Further, only 47% of the survey participants that were offered benefits by their employer considered the benefits excellent or very good.

The survey was conducted online and consisted of 1,521 working adults in the United States.

Clearly there is much room for employers to improve both workplace and benefit offerings. There is much to be said for the connection between an employee’s satisfaction with their benefit package and their perception of their workplace. The two are certainly connected and improving your benefits should give you a head start in improving things around the office.

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One simple way in which employers can improve their employees’ opinion of their benefit package is to simply find out what it is that employees want and craft their package around those findings. We have found that often, what an employer perceives to be important in a benefit package isn’t necessarily the same as what their employees are looking for. Voluntary benefits can play a very important role in this process.

Voluntary benefits offer employers the creativity to make helpful products available to employees that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. By adding desirable voluntary products to an employee benefit package, an employer not only makes it more appealing to their current employees, but also gives that employer an advantage over their competition when recruiting new employees.

Need assistance identifying the right voluntary products to offer your employees and properly implementing them? Contact our team of employee benefit professionals who will be more than helpful in building you a package of products that will enrich the lives of your employee’s and help improve your recruitment and retention efforts.

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